Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New helpline Launched to help immigrant workers in UAE

Dubai (Simcorn): The immigrant workers in UAE are entitled for lot of privileges and the rights of these workers are safeguarded by the UAE’s Laws, but most people are unaware of the level of protection to which they are entitled. As a result, many fall victim to unscrupulous companies and individuals who exploit their lack of knowledge, according to an advocate for workers rights.

Keeping in view these issues Jobbific.com has launched a Live Online Employment Helpline for Expats/Workers in distress. They can now ask any questions with regards to their Job Hunt, Labor Contracts, Visa or any Employment related issues.

The site will allow the public to have their questions answered by a lawyer specializing in labor law, visa, sponsorships, and more. The site will also act as a centralized resource for people who are unclear of how the UAE Law affects them.

According to Mikkhail Vaswani, Founder. Jobbific.com, Most of the problems facing workers and employers are due to ignorance about  how UAE Law System works with regards to Employment, Visa, and Contracts.

Jobbific.com – A unique Platform for Expats looking to explore and apply for job opportunities in the UAE has been launched. Jobbific.com currently aggregates jobs from across all Job Websites, Newspapers and Magazines in the UAE. 

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