Sunday, 12 July 2015

New IBM chip doubles power performance in smartphones

It is likely that, in near future, the smartphones are going to get better and faster with increased performances which could bypass performance levels of present high end laptops. IBM introduces industry's first seven-nanometer chip that could hold more than 20 billion tiny switches or transistors for improved computing power.

According to the industry experts, the chip is said to meet the future computing demands ranging from smartphones to spacecrafts as its shows around 50% power-performance improvement.
This new 7 nanometer chip is likely to give tight competition for the mobile processor leaders like Snapdragon, Intel, Nvidia.
The chip was developed as part of a $3 billion research effort with Samsung and GlobalFoundries at the State University of New York at Albany.
According to Michael Liehr, the university's vice-president of innovation and research, enabling the first 7nm node transistors is a significant milestone for the entire semiconductor industry as we continue to push beyond the limitations of our current capabilities.

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